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„SWAB offers companies access to their most important resources: specialists and managers as well as innovations. Since 2008, SWAB has combined both with the largest cross-industry network within the German economy and thus makes an important contribution to work and employment in Germany.“

Liz Mohn, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of SWAB

The Foundation of the German Economy for Labor and Employment (SWAB) GmbH was founded as a result of the financial crisis in 2008 with the support of listed corporations as well as family-owned mid-sized companies.

The goal of SWAB is to ensure the flexibility and deployment of specialists and managers across industries via a platform and thus provide companies with focused and easy access to top talent, entrepreneurs and innovations.

With over 500 member companies from all sectors, SWAB offers the Professional & Leadership Center, a structure that connects companies and thus creates a breathing and highly flexible transfer market for specialists and managers with an income of 120 thousand and above.

In addition, SWAB is a pioneer of networking and cooperation between the old and new economy. SWAB member companies have invested capital and know-how in more than 100 startups and entrepreneurs.

SWAB Professional & Leadership Center. We place specialists and managers to and from companies.

SWAB for candidates

With now more than 500 member companies, over 100 startups and investors, SWAB is one of the insiders of the “informal job market” for specialists and managers. Through our access to the decision-makers at our member companies, we receive information very early on about plans for permanent positions, consulting mandates or interim positions. Our network is international.

From our work with startups and investors, we know how important it is to tell your story in a way that sets you apart from the competition. That’s why we accompany you throughout the entire process. From researching the right position for you to the perfect appearance at the company. After you have contacted us, we will decide whether we can actually offer you suitable positions. We discuss and plan the strategy together with you and coach you through the process. In total, we will accompany you over a period of 9 months. During this time, around 90 percent of our candidates receive an offer.

If you are looking for a new job outside of Germany, the effort will increase and we will support you over a period of 12 months.

Would you like to have a non-binding preliminary interview and get to know the application process? Call us directly or make an appointment.

I have never been supported so comprehensively and closely in the search for a new challenge as I was by SWAB. After a concrete analysis of the market, we developed a list of target companies and SWAB contacted the relevant decision-makers. After 5 months there were two concrete job offers. I was accompanied and supported by SWAB throughout the entire process. Communication was perfect!

Christian M., Head of Marketing, Automotive Company

For me, the preference was to look for a new position abroad. Here I specified the USA or England as the target countries at SWAB. After just 6 weeks I had an interview in London at one of the leading biotech companies. I now live there with my entire family. I would particularly like to thank Dr. Richter for the fantastic support throughout the entire process.

Dr. Daniela F. , Senior Manager T-Cell Therapy, Biotech Company

After 25 years of working in industrial companies, including 10 years in managerial positions, I wanted to change again. I knew SWAB from my work as Head of Innovation at a leading company in the health care sector. With Gunnar Schulze I had the perfect advisor at my side for a reorientation. Together we examined various startups and found an exciting investment opportunity for me.

Dr. Frank G., Chief Scientific Officer, Startup Company

At the age of 55, I was faced with the challenge of having to reorient myself again. This situation was not voluntary. After an outplacement with one of the leading German providers and numerous unsolicited applications, I received a recommendation for SWAB from a former colleague after about a year. Everything was different here. Super professional, efficient and a guided tour through the application process like I had never experienced before. With Nadja Soukup I had a super professional and friendly consultant who inspired me to take on an interim role.

Volker S., CFO, Interim

SWAB for companies

SWAB Professional & Leadership Center

SWAB offers specialists and managers access to a highly flexible, national and international job market. As a company, we offer you access to this market.

SWAB is not a headhunter or job exchange in the classic sense. We know all candidates personally and are also aware of the needs of our member companies. Our USP is specific industry knowledge and proximity to the top decision-makers in our member companies. And the requirements of our member companies are very different. Some of them are looking for a successor for a permanent position. Or a consultant for a project. Interim managers are also often used to temporarily fill open vacancies. We place our candidates according to these requirements.

Our candidates have at least 10 years of professional experience and their income of currently over 120k euros identifies them as a top professional or manager. Our candidates are absolutely flexible in terms of the type of contract – permanent position, consulting mandate, interim – as well as the location of work.

SWAB Innovation Scouting

With Europe’s largest innovation network, SWAB offers established companies permanent access to cross-industry innovations and startups.

“SWAB gives us unique access to innovations.”
Raymund Chang, Senior Vice President, Mercedes-Benz Group

When looking for innovative and creative minds, SWAB is our first point of contact.

Dr. Kai Pinkernell, Vorstand, Medigene AG

For me, the exchange with SWAB always provides inspiration for the ongoing development of our organization.

Dr. Michael Mark, Vice President, Boehringer Ingelheim
SWAB’s campaigns make a fundamental contribution to securing Germany as a business location.
Prof. Dr. Dieter Kempf, eh. BDI Präsident
SWAB is one of our most important contacts in the area of ​​financing startups in Europe.
Bettina Stengel, Economic Attaché, Embassy Chile
Nobody connects industrial companies with innovative startups better than SWAB.
Stephan Schambach, Serial Entrepreneur, DemandWare & Intershop

Lead – Campaigns

SWAB is the initiator and implementer of numerous international campaigns and projects to sustainably secure and promote Germany as a business location.

Best of Both | 2014 – 2018

  • 3.800 Startups

  • 620 Corporates

  • 720 Deals

Kids Ocean Race | 2023 – 2026

  • 10 Schools
  • 100 children classes 7 – 10
  • 1 Mio. On- and Offline viewer

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